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Jen’s programs are underpinned by the ‘bifocal approach’ – linking individual development to organizational change.


Women’s Leadership Development


Dr Jennifer de Vries and Maggie Leavitt (of Maggie Cox and Associates) have worked together for more than a decade designing and delivering leadership programs for women.  Maggie and Jen have now delivered 40 programs (ranging from 3 to 10 days in length), for universities, the public and private sector, and have more recently engaged Tim Muirhead (CSD Network) as a partner in this work.

Women-only programs using a bifocal approach design can deliver on two fronts - the short-term goal of assisting women to thrive in the current workplace, and the long-term goal of building an organisation where all can thrive. In addition to a focus on the women, the program design ensures that men can support and engage with the women and the program, an essential aspect of building a more gender equitable workplace.

This program builds on the substantial experience of both consultants in developing and facilitating the award winning Leadership Development for Women (LDW) program at the University of Western Australia for more than a decade. 

Each program is tailored to the organisation’s needs, however innovative aspects of the program include a 3 day core program, follow-up workshops, peer learning groups and often one-on-one mentoring with senior men and women.

Clients have included: UWA, WA Police, the University of Tasmania, University of Newcastle, the CSIRO Land and Water Division, WA Department of Education and Training, Charles Sturt University, the WA Department of Environment and Conservation, the WA Department of Housing, and the University of Melbourne.

Workshops for Women

Don’t send your women to endless Forum’s, Breakfasts and one-off Leadership events. Invest in tailored workshops where women in your organisation can build relationships with each other, learn together and support each other's development. 

Recent example: Women exercising leadership: An exploration of culture and power

This workshop will examine two of the pillars of leadership – understanding cultures and context, and power. 

This is a highly engaging and fun workshop that deepens participants understandings of the enablers and often gendered barriers to exercising leadership that they experience within their organisational context. Being able to recognise and name these opens up possibilities and choices, ultimately assisting women to more fully ‘step up’ into leadership. 

Power is not routinely discussed in workplaces, and exercising power is often seen by women as negative rather than enabling. Yet power is essential to effective influencing and exercising leadership in both small and large ways. Drawing on Amanda Sinclair’s work on power, participants will examine their bases of power and explore resources and strategies for more fully owning and exercising power. 

Participant feedback

The session was excellent and a real highlight of my week. Thankyou

Really good to step back form the treadmill and think about structures and strategy. Big ideas

Well organised. Learnt absolutely heaps

I need to think about what I want to be powerful about, why, what it is etc.

Learnt so much. Hugely valuable



“Dr de Vries led a very successful program Leadership Development for Women (LDW) ...I observed the transformative effects of the program on the participants and subsequently the institution.  The success of the program was largely due to the intellect, enthusiasm and insight of Dr de Vries”

Alan Robson, 
 former Vice-Chancellor, UWA

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