Dr Jennifer de Vries is an organisational consultant, public speaker, facilitator and independent researcher.


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Dr Jennifer de Vries is a gender strategy and organisational development consultant and researcher (

As a ‘pracademic’  engaged in both research and practice Jen brings a unique skill set to her work and clients, with a strong focus on the strategic design and implementation of gender equity and staff development programs and interventions. Her expertise in the area of gender equality and transformative organisational change is internationally acknowledged and she works with clients in Australia, New Zealand, UK and Europe.

Jen completed her PhD at the University of Western Australia, followed by a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the GEXcel (Centre of Gender Excellence) University of Orebro, Sweden. Her particular specialisation is organisational culture change, and how this can be pursued through linking individual development to organisational change. Jen calls this a ‘bifocal approach’, where a clear focus on changing organisations is underpinned by a capacity building approach. Jen has successfully applied the ‘bifocal approach’ to leadership and mentoring programs for a variety of groups including women, early career academics, and emerging indigenous leaders. 

Jen is extensively engaged in capacity building work with executives, leaders, mid-level managers, HR and staff development practitioners, and men and women at all levels of organisations, using a combination of keynote lectures, workshops, strategic conversations, masterclasses and individual consultations.

Jen is the author of Mentoring for Change, a report commissioned by the LH Martin Institute, designed as a scholarly resource to build sector wide capacity in the delivery of mentoring programs. She undertookcommissioned research examining gender equity within a STEM Faculty in an Australian university, Optimising Faculty Performance: Maximising the potential of academic women (with P.Todd). This case study has contributed to the understanding of inequality within STEMM.

Jen’s current research interests include examining the role of sponsorship practices (as distinct from mentoring) in academic and research careers, and the ways in which sponsorship can bothcontribute to and disrupt the gendered status quo.

Jen has also recently partnered with Tim Muirhead in developing a gender equality program called Partners for Change. This cutting edge program brings men and women together as partners in transformative organisational change.

Current and recent clients include the University of Melbourne, University of WA, CSIRO, the Walter & Eliza Hall Research Institute, LH Martin Institute, Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Deakin University, Edith Cowan University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Durham University, Innsbruck University, Lund University, Alfred Wegener Institute, University of Auckland, Opportunity Nederlands, Healthway, Perth Homecare Services, the WA Department of Environment and Conservation, and the WA Department of Housing.


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Jen's PhD thesis examines the effectiveness of the bifocal approach.


"Jen's facilitative style, based on sound academic research, helped us to open up the discussions around gender based leadership issues within the institution in a constructive and engaging manner… I would highly recommend her to other institutions."

Joanne Race, HR Director Durham University

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