Jen is the gender equality partner you need to progress your gender equality agenda. Jen provides the best possible mix of leading edge theory and practice to assist organisations in moving ahead. 

Her approach is ideal for supporting the work of Athena SWAN.


The primary focus of Jen’s consulting work is gender strategy – assisting organisations to be strategic in building  gender equitable, inclusive and diverse organisations. Her contribution is most effective when helping organisations who are frustrated with their current slow rate of progress and are keen to notch it up a level. Jen is adept at partnering with senior executives, HR teams, Equity and Diversity practitioners and Advisory Committees to achieve the desired progress. 

Principles underpinning Jen’s consulting approach

  • Qualitative and quantitative data driven approach

  • Collaborative capacity building approach

  • Broad consultation with stakeholders and including management/executive

  • Deliberate inclusion of men 

  • Focus on understanding how gender inequality is produced in the organisation and strategies to address this

  • Recommendations framed and designed to ensure they address organisational change processes

For example, Jen recently completed a Gender Equity Strategy Review with an Australian University. The review included desktop analysis of existing documents, policies and reporting requirements, re-analysis of existing quantitative and survey data, identification of strengths and weaknesses, gathering qualitative data through the use of targeted focus groups and interviews, consultations with the VC, Executive members and Deans and delivery of a Gender Equity Strategy. 

An expert gender equality partner

Despite the current abundance of activity and information there are no ready-made solutions. Jen argues that without coherent frameworks to underpin their efforts organisations are in danger of being overwhelmed, adopting ad hoc strategies 'borrowed' from elsewhere and putting in a lot of time and resources for little gain. Her role is to filter and curate the information overload and to partner with in-house leaders and practitioners to ensure a strategic, data led and research informed approach to gender equality and diversity.

Athena SWAN

The higher education and research sector have embraced Athena SWAN (an accreditation process originating in the UK) , with 45 Australian universities and research institutes signed up for the first three years of the SAGE pilot program. There is an unprecedented air of optimism, with enormous activity and increased funding flowing into the area of gender equality with a focus on women working in STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Medicine).

Jen's engagement with Athena SWAN began working with several UK universities in a consultancy capacity to support their Athena SWAN implementations. Her work included capacity building with Executive and senior leaders, Heads of Department and Athena SWAN Departmental leads at Oxford, Cambridge and Durham.  

Jen has been involved with two Australian universities in the first round; as a staff member of a SAT, and as an external gender advisor (for detail see gender strategy). As a result of her deep familiarity with the SAGE pilot Jen is well positioned to assist SAGE members in a range of capacities:

  • gender capacity building of SAT teams

  • data analysis and data presentation

  • review of draft applications

  • advising re action plans and gender interventions that contribute to change

Jen has designed a capacity building workshop for self assessment teams. She also has a great deal of expertise in supporting practitioners, and in program implementation.

Testimonial: Jen helped us to understand the progress made to date on Athena SWAN in Australia and drew on her deep subject knowledge and understanding of our organisation to make practical suggestions for successful preparation. Committee for Equity and the Development of Staff, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI)




"The key strategic leaders from both the Academic and Professional Support Services found the time spent with her to be both thought provoking and challenging."

- Joanne Race
 HR Director
Durham University

Contact Jen
+61 (0) 412 806 377

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