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Jen’s programs are underpinned by the ‘bifocal approach’ – linking individual development to organizational change.


Leadership Development: Integral to your gender strategy

Committed and informed leadership, at all levels of the organisation, is a critical element in bringing about culture change, and fostering organisational learning and innovation.  Providing leadership development in the areas of gender, diversity and inclusion  is currently a weakness in higher education that will need to be addressed. This is a critical focus for driving change in  the Athena SWAN process. (see Envisaging a more gender equitable workplace)

Leadership development workshops

Jen's work with current leaders is rapidly expanding. Using her own research and tools such as 'Your leadership shadow', Jen helps leaders to develop their understanding regarding how gender inequality is perpetuated in their organisation and to grasp the opportunity they have as leaders to create change. Many leaders are busy scrambling to keep afloat and pay less attention than they would like to creating  inclusive and enabling cultures. Leaders often under-estimate the importance of their role modelling and the critical roles they play as mentors and sponsors. They appreciate the opportunity to stop, reflect, connect with their colleagues and return to the workplace with greater awareness, understanding and concrete strategies. Good policies will never be enough to create sustained change, so investing in current and future leaders is vital. (See also Partners for Change)

Executive champions for change

Jen has worked with executives, male and female, in 'championing' gender initiatives within their organisations. This is a critical and difficult leadership role, and is particularly demanding of senior executive women. Jen researched the nature of the championing role, the essence of effective championing  and the impact of gender on this role. Read Jen's article Champions of gender equality to find out more. 


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