Transformative Gender Interventions: Linking theory and practice using the "bifocal approach".

Translating the well-established theory of the gendered organization into strategic interventions that build more gender equitable organizations has proven to be difficult. The authors introduce the emergence of the “bifocal approach” and its subsequent development and examine the potential of the “bifocal approach” as a feminist intervention strategy and an alternative means of countering gender inequalities in organizations. The authors show how the bifocal is able to overcome some of the main difficulties of earlier transformative approaches..The bifocal approach seeks structural change, however, the change effort rests with individuals. 

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Champions of gender equality: female and male executives as leaders of gender change

The purpose of this paper is to examine male and female executives as leaders “championing” gender change interventions. It problematizes current exhortations for male leaders to lead gender change, much as they might lead any other business-driven change agenda. It argues that organizational gender scholarship is critical to understanding the gendered nature of championing.

This paper is of value to practitioners and scholars. It draws attention to contemporary issues of leadership and gender change, seeking to bridge the gap between theory and practice that undermines our change efforts. 

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Exploring Nordic feminist organisational theory and practice through the lens of the ‘bifocal approach’: Contributions to the theory and practice of transformative gender interventions.

This paper follows on closely from my previous paper (The Bifocal Approach’: (Re)positioning Women’s Programs published in Strid, Husuand Gunnarsson 2012) where I shared my enthusiasm at discovering a wealth of Nordic scholarship vitally concerned with the research and practice of transformative gender interventions in organisations.

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